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Storage & Winterization

Your boat is an important investment and its care over the winter months is vital.  Both Geist and Morse Marinas offer convenient winterization and boat storage, so you can feel confident that your watercraft has been properly serviced, stored and protected.

Winterization Services
Both Geist and Morse Marinas specialize in winterizing and storing boats.  For power vessels up to 25 feet, we can transport, winterize and store your boat in our secure yards and storage areas.  Our winterization method follows a 12-step process to ensure that your boat has been properly serviced and stored.  You do not have to store with us to take advantage of our fantastic prices for winterization.  See the storage contract below for all winterizing and pricing information.

Storage Services
For those boats and watercrafts we winterize, we offer both outside and inside storage for the winter months.  Our indoor storage facility has a concrete floor, is fully enclosed and completely dry and secure.  To prepare your boat for storage, we have convenient motorboat launching ramps at both Geist and Morse Marinas.

Questions? Call us at (317) 849-8455 (Geist) or (317) 984-3301 (Morse) today for more information!

Click here for Geist Storage Contract

Click here for Morse Storage Contract 

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